Online Class w/my Nara Participants!

Before I begin my topic, please stay safe in the extreme weather that is coming and going. Be extra careful!

Last week I was in Nara with my A++ Jumping Hurdles in Nara participants. We talked, learned and enjoyed our weekend non-stop. We left looking forward to next year’s workshop!

We are now in the follow up part of the workshop. Our weekend of live interaction and coaching created a huge growth spurt for everyone. It’s exciting and I crafted every moment of the workshop geared to expanding everyone’s understanding of the ins and outs of communicating.

I also know that when you get back home you wonder if you’ll be able to remember and continue improving after the workshop. That’s why the workshop weekend includes aftercare–a follow up online class!

AND, this year participants get two follow up online classes, the one I am giving and the one that Kevin is giving. The addition of Kevin Shephard teaching pronunciation is the best decision that I made to create a better workshop than last year.

I’m coaching my workshop participants this week so my next FB LIVE will be July 14. I’m looking forward to it! Keep practicing how to talk about your experiences, ideas and opinions. That’s how you participate in conversations–sharing information about yourself.

Improve in 30 minutes!

It is a joy to interact with everyone during the live!

Hopefully, by the 14th, I’ll know how to multi-stream. That means that I can put a video player on my website or stream through YouTube and if you are NOT on FB you can watch it from another source!

Have a good one!


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