Denim! My Country’s National Costume.

Use these 12 minutes and 45 seconds to improve your ability to express yourself in English. I give plenty of “silent time” for you to speak out loud and respond to all of the prompts in this teaching!

FB Live! July 14, 21:00.

My country’s national costume is my topic choice for this week! What’s your country’s national costume? How often do you wear it? Can you wear it every day?

Make sure you A++ the above questions! What is A++? A three part response. A++ (answer, plus, plus) is my push. I want you to get in the habit of giving a three part response when you are speaking English.

I stress this because a one part response is COLD.

How are you?

I’m good.

A three part response is WARM.

How are you?

(A) Good. (+) I just talked with an old friend. (+) We’re going to meet for coffee.

What a difference A++ makes! When studying conversation A++ everything. Expressing your ideas, thoughts, experiences and opinions are crucial for enjoying conversation. The odd thing is that your listening skills improve. That’s a bonus!



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