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A++ Saturday!

Hi! Welcome to A++ (Answer plus, plus) Saturday!

A++ is giving extra information in your responses to questions or comments. Here are three examples:





1) How are you?


I went for a walk this morning.

I saw so many beautiful flowers!

2) That looks delicious.

It is!

I got it at the bakery near the station.

It was my first time to go to that bakery.

3) Can you play tennis?

No. I don’t really like sports.

I like reading!

A++ is giving the basic information and adding detail. Here are some ideas for how to think A++ for some of this week’s sentences:


Examples from this week are:

No clue.


No inkling.


No idea.


Notice all of the (+), (+)!


A) Test time! (+) I have two questions about Japan for you. (+) Are you ready?


B) Okay. (+) I’ll try. (+) Hit me with the first question.


A) Good for you. (+) Here goes. (+) When was the last time Mt. Fuji erupted?


B) No clue. (+) I’ll throw a date out there. (+) 1634.


A) 1634. (+) You’re not far off. (+) 1707.


B) What’s the average weight for top sumo wrestlers? (+) Those guys are pretty big. (+) They’re pretty strong too.


A) Hmm. (+)No inkling.(+) I’ll guess 350 pounds.


B) WOW. (+) You got it. (+) How did you get that right?


A) No idea. (+) The number popped into my head. (+)350 is pretty hefty.


B) It is pretty hefty. (+) I saw sumo once. (+) I really enjoyed it.





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